Wilm writes: It is lots of fun to illustrate Myles’ poems! For this one, because it’s all about the figure of the Matador I thought it would be funny to draw the Matador in lots of different sort of silly poses.

The Matador is a funny character. If you look at pictures of him he looks very proud and full of himself but at the same time he seems very awkward and silly.


Myles writes: I don’t really use my dictionary much anymore. I used it a lot as a school pupil but that was before the invention of the Internet! Now if I want to check a word I log on to the oxford dictionary website.


But I do still use two paper based dictionaries. One is my Russian to English dictionary because I’m learning to speak Russian. The other is my Rhyming Dictionary. It’s a brilliant book if you are trying to write poems and run out of rhymes.


When I wrote this poem I decided to set myself a challenge – to use as many rhyming words as possible! The key word was matador. I used my rhyming dictionary to look up all the words that rhyme with it. Then I worked on fitting them all into one poem and in a way that made sense (that’s the hard bit).


Here’s the end result. We hope you enjoy the poem and the illustrations:

What Matters to a Matador

What Matters to a Matador

What Matters to a Matador

What Matters to a Matador