Myles writes: This poem was important for me, because it was the start of something. After I wrote it, I decided I needed to write more poems. The poem itself was inspired by a one of my favourites from my own childhood. That poem is called ‘A Baby Sardine’ and was written by the comedian Spike Milligan.


The baby sardine in Milligan’s poem has never seen a submarine before and isn’t sure what it is. It’s also clever because sardines are often found in tins in supermarkets, but in Milligan’s poem, its the people who are inside the tin (the submarine) and not the fish. The other thing I loved about the poem as a child was its shortness. It was short, it rhymed, it was funny and it was clever.

I decided to stick with the underwater theme and try and write about a baby shark instead. This inspired me to write some other underwater poems too, like The Colossal Squid and one about creepy crustaceans that we might feature later.


I’m also fond of this poem because it was the first one I had published in The Caterpillar Magazine. It’s a lovely magazine will stories and poems for children published in Ireland. Check it out here. I’ve had another poem published there since which you can read about here.


It’s great fun working with Wilm Lindenblatt, because he brings so much more to the poem. There’s so much personality in his pictures of the little shark and his mother. Here it is …Baby Shark